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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 7, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. we are near where a house went up in flames, we will tell you where they are so grateful. on the run in a stolen police van, the search underway for a man who escaped police custody in san jose. and you can walk the new bridge, a huge celebration is a planned for the only -- celebration is planned for the opening of the span. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. and good morning everybody, it is thursday, friday eve, i like to say. >> thank you for waking up with us, steve is here and you were talking yesterday about some rain, how is it looking? >> not a lot of rain it
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definitely already feels colder, most of the rain is not here but there will only be a little bit of rain and we'll see rains coming into the north and there is not a lot to this system. highs today, low-to-mid 50s more many, here is sal. still some roadwork out there, if you are hitting the road soon you will see it. this is a look at the construction zone through antioch and there are no major problems though. there is roadwork as you drive on the approach to san francisco from marin county and also there is roadwork in alameda county and we will let you know more about that straight ahead, let's go back to the desk. we have breaking news out of southern california, police in your vine -- ervin, that information came in about 15
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minutes ago, it came as they were asking to call for -- he was trying to call for help. now he implicated himself in a 20 page manifesto. we are following this story and we will bring you new information as soon as it becomes available. developing news in san jose, firefighters are on the scene of a fire that destroyed a home early this morning. a traffic camera caught that fire 130 in the rose garden neighborhood. janine de la vega is there with what neighbors are saying, jeanine? >> pam, you can still smell smoke watching over the house, there is a firefighter in there watching sort of inspecting all the damage inside and you can
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see it is black everywhere inside those windows and firefighters tell us it even burned holes inside the floor. there is video taken by somebody at the scene and it happened at this vacant house. firefighters initially did not know if anybody lived inside but neighbors told them that the house was vacant. they pulled out in time and it took firefighters about an hour and a half to get it under control. then they came out. >> we didn't hear but we saw fire and smoke though. mostly fire and smoke out near the backside where the kitchen is. >> firefighters confirmed heavy flames were in the can i have end area so it could be the
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point of origin. again, it looks like there is a total loss. back out here live you can see just how close they are to each other. at one point the homes on either side of the home that was up in flames, firefighters were able to protect those homes and put a line around it so there was no damage. coming up later in the news we will tell you why neighbors knew nobody was inside this home. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. rain is expected following a very dry january. after a lat of rain, in november and december they had to release water to reduce flooding but they say it makes
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it the third dryest january in years. so far the sierra has seen 24 inches of resip station. steve paul -- precipitation. steve paulson is tracking your weather and you can also get more weather on our website officers say anthony sanchez dumped the van and they had arrested him because of his probation. they linked them together and sanchez lifted the custs and do -- cuffs and got into the seat himself. he is described as latino 5-
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foot 10 inches tall. 275 pounds, he was last seen wearing black sweats and had on a gray sweatshirt. for the first time police are publicly naming a person of interest in the disappearance of kevin collins case. he was known as dan but used at least four other names. he had a history of kidnapping in the years before kevin collins disappeared and he fits the description of the man last seen talking to the little boy. >> he lived not far from where the abduction happened. he had a dog similar to what dog suspect's seemed to have. they searched the home and it appeared to to be animal
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bones. police announced that conway's death is a homicide and they still will not say how she died. she was found in the park a day after she was reported missing. a community vigil is to begin tonight. hundreds of classrooms have undergone security upgrades. and coming up, how they could help in the case of an emergency. tonight, he delivers his state of the city address. topics include the economy. read is expected to increase it early on the ballot. they are restoring the sol are you of city workers who took pay cuts due to budget
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shortfalls. a popular oakland shortfall, a gun battle killed an 18-year-old boy and wounded three other people. that happened after the first friday art festival. 10,000 people attended that event. they now worry that it has become too big to control. others say they will have a harder time in business if the event is scaled back. well you may be able to scale it back even before you drive on it. they are considering hosting a huge party which could include a public bridge walk. it could include fireworks shows. the new span is scheduled to open to traffic september 3rd right after the labor day weekend. >> let's check in a picture of
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walking on the golden gate bridge when it turned 50. >> people get stuck out there . did you get stuck out there for hours? >> yes, but i enjoyed it. >> good morning everybody. if you can walk on the bridge before it opens, i would do it, it will be cool 25 years from now. we don't have a lot going on by my candid demeanor. it is looking good on 880 westbound and some of the roadwork between albany hill and west street is being picked up. 880 northbound and southbound, this is a bay bridge toll plaza
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down to one lane on the newark area and westbound all lanes are open, 4:37 let's go to steve. >> sal, i think you had a lot of company when you walked on that bridge. a system is coming in but it has a lot of cold air, cold air is up here so it is not filtering in until later on today. there is not a lot of rain with this and 5 / 100th and a 10th of an inch. northern sonoma count tip and eventually this will work its way south. 30s and 40s on the temperatures, 9 napa, fairfield is in there san francisco 47, 40 san jose and mountain view under mostly clear skies, under the rain and breeze picking up mostly cloudy day.
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mostly 50s for some. upper 40s, a little bit warmer but not a lot. there is a lot of cold air coming in and we will continue that late tonight and tomorrow morning. the weekend looks good but it will be cold wind did i on saturday and it looks sunny windy and warmer. >> a huge blizzard could create some problems. lance armstrong, word of a new lawsuit. good morning, highway 4 looks good as you drive over to concord and we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. you can't move the tv there.
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. good morning, low clouds today, highs will be in the
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50s. new england is bracing for what could be a whosety rick -- historic snowstorm. people are snapping up all kind of supplies. the storm is expected to move into the region tomorrow and is expected to bring as much as two feet of snow. >> we sold a half a dozen of snowblowers and people are coming in for parts to see what we have. >> road crews are also busy getting their trucks and plows ready for the big storm and they have their lines and polls ready to go. meanwhile the big blizzard is expected to cause problems in air travel. most airlines are expecting to schedule their flights without having to schedule an extra rebooking fee. they are finding the
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batteries in the 787 boeing dreamliner are not necessarily unsafe. all dream liners have been grounded since the battery fire is truly determined. now the head of the cia faces a confirmation hearing today and he is currently his terrorism adviser. he worked for them for 25 years. they wanted to question him about several cia activities from water boarding to the use of drones. the plan is similar to one proposed by president barack obama proposed last month. this includes a ban on assault weapons, a ban on magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition and a ban to prevent gun trafficking. they are sending a message to
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state and federal government. they introduced a resolution that calls on the retirement board to stop investing in companies that make guns and ammunition. the retirement system has $900,000 invested in fire related companies. >> you have to do something around gun violence and we have to promote greater gun control... >> los angeles and here locally, napa counties are taking similar steps. new york and chicago are redirecting their resources as well. the supervisor said the vote will go on tuesday. they are installing new safety locks on doors. they are allow them to lock from the inside in the event of a lock down. they are also putting in peep holes so they can monitor from the outside.
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11 of the schools were outfitted with the new locks. >> the children can come and be in a safe environment and works e-can come and work in a safe environment and that's one less thing to worry about while somebody can come on to the campus while instruction is happening. >> they will decide this and the upgrades now cost half a million dollars. home prices are bouncing back in east contra costa county. brent wood and oakly were the hardest hit when the housing market crashed. now some homes are selling for more than their list prices. they sold for $36,000 more than the owners expected and it took just five days. >> right now here in east county and in fact all over the bay area and in many cases in the country, supply is very low and demand is off the charts. >> he answered there is still
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room for improvement and many oh more than they could sell them for, we will keep more than they expect. they tell them private business partners will make sure the city benefits from the current tech boom. he has already launched an initiative and now plans to form a private partnership aimed at forming hiring in the middle schools if they are better trained. they are trying to following a cable car in san francisco. it happened on powell street yesterday afternoon. they hit a metal bolt which came to an abrupt stop. another woman fell off the cable car and they are trying to investigate where the bolt came up. >> there are new legal problems
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forearm arm. he is -- for colby armstrong. he is facing -- armstrong. armstrong they say he tried to cover up his drug use and the people who paid him are trying to recover that money he recently admitted using performance enhancing drugs during a meeting with oprah whimphrey. >> i look forward to this every year. you pray for good weather but if it is raining, it doesn't matter, i know i am going to have a good time. >> they tee off this morning with bill murray and ray rom mono -- ramon. phil mickelson will try the to repeat as well. >> i guess our invitations got
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lost in the mail? >> you know, pam it is all a lot of fun. come on, you can come too, brian. you know it is a good time to drive almost everywhere. if you want to drive there or down to your job, i will show you traffic is off to a good start, it usually does not stay this way but it is not causing any major delay. in the last few days the pattern has had a heavy traffic and it starts to clear up and we are hoping to have another day like that. movings along to the peninsular, drive time here is 9 minutes and 280 is also wide open for you as you drive further south. let's go to stuyvesant. >> our system is coming in, it is a weak system and it will not give us that much rain but
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it is a lot of cold air. upper 50s and 60s and that will carry us to friday and next week looks sunny and warmer. the next 48 hours will be cold. the next system is moving into mendocino and parts of the northern napa and sonoma county but we have a ways to go before it makes it. 30s and 0s on temperture -- 40s on the temperatures, cold air is up here. it still has a ways to go and we get morning clouds but again it is not a lot. mostly cloudy, breezy to cool, those upper 40s will be to the north only towards santa clara valley we push some behalf it
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reaches down too to that. saturday looks cold but windy and sunny and gradual warming. the search continues for killers and we have more on what we are learning about a possible motive in the case. should answering e-mails after work hours be considered overtime? a police officer's lawsuit that could affect workers everywhere.
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. they are wanted for a double homicide a couple of days ago, accused of killing a basketball coach and it turns out the murdered victim, the police chief in los angeles and now the suspect is wanted in connection with the shooting of three police officers. they are closing in on the suspect but certainly, it is a dangerous suspect at large and this is again in riverside
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county and southern california and we are getting new information and bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. we have information on a botched marijuana deal. they found the bodies of three men in forestville who had been shot to death. they came to a home to buy a large amount of marijuana and the drug deal ended in gunfire. >> we believe these three were associates with each other and there was another party. >> one was a native and the other two were from out of state. police are i still searching for their killers. he should be paid overtime for calling bosses an answering e-mails after work hours. if allan is successful it could
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mean millions of dollars in back pay for other officers around the country. let's go to sal for a look at traffic. >> right now the traffic is busy but it is not all that bad when it comes to stop and go and look at pictures as you are driving over to the tunnel which is a very nice looking drive. also if you are driving, it looks very nice coming into san francisco and we have been looking at the peninsular and the traffic here continues to look very nice with no major problems between 382 and the rest of the commute looks good on the peninsular. >> our system is moving in and there is not a lot to it, there is a little bit of rain only the 4th of year for us, this looks like one and done, it is not promising for rain, it is
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promising for warmer weather but rain is developing in northern mendocino county. temperatures are coming up in the north. the front right here and the cold air, we will get some sun today, a look at some clouds, colder and that cold air comes in a little later. occasionally breezy at times, there could be some upper 40s towards mendocino county as well. not much warmer and we will all be in the 50s as well. mainly colder and windy and now with your weekend always in view, it will be combed windy breezy sunny and warmer monday. coming up next at our 5:00 hour we are following developing news from southern california and three police officers have been shot. this is a live picture from riverside county and we will tell you what we have learned in the past five minutes. also what investigators are saying this morning.
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stay tuned. >2ñlñ@ e@


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